Interactive Legume Database of Nodulation

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The International Legume Database of Nodulation (ILDON) is a not-for-profit initiative motivated by the desire to make a useful and reliable resource about legume nodulation easily and widely available. We have had much heartening encouragement and support for our vision.

However, to keep this resource up-to-date requires effort and expense and, presently, we are not directly funded by any institution.

Please consider sponsoring or donating to ILDON to help us maintain this resource. You may do this by making a donation or by sponsoring or taking out a subscription. We are happy to acknowledge any donation or sponsorship.

If you would like to donate, we accept payment through Paypal. We make no proposals about how much to donate, but ask you to consider whether your donation is a personal or institutional. Our preference is for institutions to subscribe to ILDON and for donations to be made by individuals. Subscriptions come with other benefits.

If you are interested in sponsoring or taking out a subscription to ILDON, please e-mail us at: In return for your sponsorship we will appropriately acknowledge you on the ILDON website.

All donations and sponsorship will be used solely to improve the utility and value of this resource.

If you are unable to contribute financially, but find this resource useful, please consider endorsing us, either by linking to the site, telling others about us, or by contacting us.

Finally, if you consider yourself competent, please consider contributing. We want this resource to be useful to its users. Contributions or suggestions about content can either be made by e-mail or by responding through the link on each taxon description page, as you see fit.

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