Interactive Legume Database of Nodulation

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The International Legume Database of Nodulation (ILDON) is a not-for-profit initiative set up in September 2012. Our mission is to create and maintain an authoritative peer-group reviewed on-line publication of nodulation data for all Legume genera and species.

This resource is intended as a resource for agronomists, systematists and other scientists interested in Legume nodulation.

This website

This website is not presently actively maintained.


The small ILDON database can be searched by selecting 'search' at the top of the page

The ILDIS database can be accessed by selecting 'ILDIS' at the top of the page

An incomplete nodulation publication created by P. Kirkbride can be accessed by selecting 'Kirkbride Nodulation' at the top of the page


Your comments about the content or how we might improve the usefulness of the site, are most welcome.


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