ILDON: Interactive Legume Database of Nodulation


ILDON demonstration database

This is a small demonstration database recorded for a richer set of nodulation descriptors than the Kirkbride nodulation database (see below).

ILDIS Legumes of the World Checklist

This is the most recent version of the ILDIS database, published in 2009.

The database comprises approximately 25,000 taxa with information on preferred names, synonymy, vernacular names, geographic distribution, simple descriptors and uses. All entries are cited. This publication does not include nodulation records. It is highly indexed to facilitate searching.

Kirkbride Nodulation database.

A incomplete database with a restricted set of nodulation descriptors extracted from the literature, compiled in 1990 by Joe Kirkbride. This comprises a sub-set of the taxa in the ILDIS world checklist.

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