of Legume Nodulation



ILDON proof of concept nodulation database

The ILDON Proof of Concept Nodulation Database is a small database, created in 2013, of a few genera with a richer set of nodulation descriptors than in the Kirkbride database (see below).  The taxon descriptions are linked to the ILDIS database, where links exist. 



The ILDIS  Checklist of all the world's legumes last updated in 2010.  Taxa can be searched by tribe, genus, preferred latin name, synonym, vernacular name, geography, habitat, uses and a few simple descriptors.

Although the taxonomy and nomenclature are in need of revision, the ILDIS database is a valuable resource.

Kirbride Nodulation Database

The Kirbride Nodulation Database. This is incomplete coverage of simple records of absence, doubtful presence or presence of nodules.  The database was created in 1990. It is searchable in the same way as the ILDIS database.